About The Looking Glass Society

The Looking Glass Society is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing information and guidance on the subject of Gender Dysphoria and Transsexualism. It aims to help GD/TS people themselves and those who live or work with them, to promote public understanding and tolerance of GD/TS issues, and to educate medical and other professionals who may come into contact with GD/TS people.

Although our postal address is in Devon, the Society has members in many parts of the country, and has a worldwide presence by means of the Internet. We regularly receive enquiries and requests for information from around the world.

The Society is not a self-help group: we believe that this function is already well served by established groups. Membership consists of people with a particular interest in GD/TS issues --- some of the membership are themselves TS, others have a professional interest in the field. Our aim is to provide good quality technical information along with substantial input from people who have actually undergone, or are undergoing, gender reassignment.

The Society produces a wide range of publications, which are all available on this web site. We also have a selection of personal stories written by transsexual people, which we hope you will find interesting.

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